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This addon allows multiple imageboards to collaborate by making each other’s boards visible on their boards list.

The Webring Schema

    "name": "Imageboard", // The imageboard's name.
    "url": "https://image.board", // The imageboard's base URL.
    "endpoint": "https://image.board/webring.json", // The current endpoint.

    // An array of logos you want to be shown for other imageboards' users
    // on the webring. Should be a .png or .gif with a maximum size of 300KB.
    "logo": [

    "following": [ // A list of imageboards that this imageboard is directly following.
    "known": [
        // A list of imageboards this imageboard pairs with, but doesn't necessarily
        // follow directly.
    "blacklist": [ // A list of domains that this imageboard will not pair with.

    "boards": [
            "uri": "a", // The URI of the board.
            "title": "Anime & Manga", // The board name/title.
            "subtitle": "Discussion about japanese shit", // The board subtitle/description. Optional.
            "path": "https://image.board/a/", // The absolute path for the board.

            "postsPerHour": 23, // The amount of posts made in the last hour. Optional.
            "totalPosts": 1000, // The total amount of posts on the board. Optional.
            "uniqueUsers": 20 // The total amount of unique ISPs as reported by the imageboard software. Optional.

            "tags": ["a", "b", "c"], // An array of string tags for the board.
            "lastPostTimestamp": "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z" // An ISO 8601 specifying the date and time of the newest post on the board.
        // ...

Installation for LynxChan

  1. Clone this repository to src/be/addons/webring
  2. Configure the SITE_URL, WEBRING_SITES and SITE_LOGOS variables at the top of index.js
  3. Configure blacklist.txt if you want to blacklist imageboards
  4. Add webring to the addons list on LynxChan global settings
  5. Restart LynxChan


This addon is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3. © The Collective of Individuals 2019.