Внутренняя документация внутренностей Внутренней Эквестрии. We need to go deeper. https://docs.innereq.org
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= InnerEq.org
Sasha Wasilewska <commagray@sunbutt.faith>

Container-first, as stateless as possible infrastructure.

== Guides

* <</guides/deploy.adoc#,How to Deploy Services>>
* <</guides/backup.adoc#,How to Backup Data>>
* <</guides/files.adoc#,Where the Files are Stored>>
* <</guides/suse.adoc#,Why SUSE>>
* <</guides/asciidoc.adoc#,About AsciiDoc>>

== Personnel


== Software

OS:: openSUSE Tumbleweed Transactional Server
Runtime:: Podman containers, systemd units
Deployment:: Ansible, GitHub Actions
Collaboration:: GitHub, Bitwarden
Services:: <</services/bitwarden.adoc#,Bitwarden>>, <</services/caddy.adoc#,Caddy>>, <</services/funkwhale.adoc#,Funkwhale>>, <</services/gitea.adoc#,Gitea>>, <</services/matrix.adoc#,Matrix>>, <</services/mtproxy.adoc#,MTProxy>>, <</services/nextcloud.adoc#,Nextcloud>>, <</services/peertube.adoc#,PeerTube>>, <</services/pleroma.adoc#,Pleroma>>, <</services/coturn.adoc#,coturn>>, <</services/vikunja.adoc#,Vikunja>>

== Hardware

_None_ of these servers are running openSUSE Tumbleweed:

* trixie.092918.xyz is running openSUSE Leap;
* glimmy.092918.xyz is runnung *outdated* Fedora 32;
* thecore.city is running *outdated* CentOS 8 and Docker Engine.

Everything shall be reinstalled.

:racknerd: https://racknerd.com[RackNerd]
:hetzner: https://hetzner.com[Hetzner]


|Ukraine, Odessa
|Bare metal server at Sasha Wasilewska's home.

|USA, Los Angeles
|VPS hosted on {racknerd}.

|USA, Los Angeles
|VPS hosted on {racknerd}.

|FSN1-DC4 (Falkenstein), Germany
|Dedicated server hosted on {hetzner}.

== Domains

:porkbun: https://porkbun.com[Porkbun]
:namecheap: https://namecheap.com[Namecheap]








== Vendors


|Email provider.

|DNS provider.

|S3 storage provider.

|Send-only email provider.